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What we do: Messaging Contextual Shortcuts (MCS)

People recommend products in digital messages billions of times each day.  These word-of-mouth product suggestions are the most potent influencers of purchase decision making.

Wildfire detects and monetizes product mentions and purchase intent within digital messages.

Enhances user experience by embedding product discovery within the conversation flow.
Increases engagement as users don’t have to bounce out to search for products.
Monetizes messaging by transforming product mentions into trackable links to e-commerce.
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Proprietary technologies for conversational commerce.

Wildfire’s patented technologies detect product mentions and purchase intent within all forms of digital communications and transform them into trackable links to e-commerce. Wildfire works across all of the ways that people share.

  • NLP, AI, and machine learning analyze content of written messages and voice communications
  • Object identification detects products within shared photos and other images
  • O/S integration analyzes and transforms links sent via native sharing tools and copied URLs
Partners choose from a full suite of options for client-side and server-side integration, including SDK’s for Android, iOS & Chrome, as well as on-premise solutions.

Partner Profiles

Wildfire’s white-label, enterprise offering integrates within partners’ platforms, enabling them to monetize the commerce generated by their users’ word-of-mouth suggestions.

Operators, OEMs, &
OTT Apps

Monetize the messages sent or received by your users

Cash Back
& Rewards Programs

A new way for you and your users to earn rewards

Media Publishers & Influencers

Earn your fair share of the commerce you generate

Online Retailers & Merchants

Motivate and reward digital word of mouth referrals

How does it work?


Wildfire's NLP and other technologies detect product references and purchase intent within messages, in real-time.


Wildfire automatically inserts trackable links to one of its 20,000 participating merchants.


When message recipients click links and transact, Wildfire tracks resulting purchases.


Merchants pay revenue share to Wildfire, which then remits a share to partners.

Merchant Network

Over 20,000 e-commerce merchants reward Wildfire (and our partners) with a share of referred transactions.
Wildfire is a global platform with merchant coverage in 58 countries.

Turn Your Customers
Into Advocates

“At Hotels.com, we know that word-of-mouth is important to our business and we’ve looked for meaningful ways to encourage travelers to spread the word. Wildfire turns our customers into advocates when they share their favorite places to stay and travel experiences.”


The Team

James Revell

Vice President

Ian Miller

Head of Product

Shawn Conahan

Chief Revenue Officer

Tristan Barnum

Head of Marketing

Vincent Pham

Full Stack Engineer

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