Enterprise Platform for
Social Commerce And Rewards

What we do:

Wildfire enables partners to embed social commerce, rewards, and cashback offerings within their existing services.

Our patented suite of technologies harnesses digital word-of-mouth and rewards online shopping, delivering enhanced user experiences and new revenue streams for partners. 

Wildfire Solutions

Wildfire’s white-label, enterprise offering integrates within partners’ platforms, enabling them to monetize the commerce generated by their users’ word-of-mouth suggestions.

Commerce Platform

Earn Referral Revenue from Wildfire’s Network

Leverage Wildfire’s performance-based commerce platform, with integrated & standardized tracking, end-user attribution and payment reconciliation across thousands of online retailers in 50 countries, and their respective referral and affiliate marketing channels.  APIs and SDKs  enable partners to integrate the Wildfire Commerce Platform within your new or existing  applications.


Reward Social Sharing

Wildfire’s patented Share+Earn platform motivates and rewards peer-to-peer product recommendations across all online platforms and communication channels.  Partners and their users earn a revenue share when recommendations result in purchases at thousands of online merchants.

Messaging Contextual Shortcuts

Monetize Messaging while Enhancing UX

Billions of times each day, people recommend products via mobile messages.  Wildfire harnesses digital word-of-mouth, with patented technology that embeds product discovery within the context of messages. AI detects product mentions & purchase intent and generates shortcuts to participating merchants.  Messaging partners choose from either client-side or server-side integration, enabled via Wildfire’s SDKs, APIs and on-premise solutions.

Mobile Shopping Alerts

Reward Users’ Mobile Shopping and Social Sharing

Our patented technology brings the benefits of browser extensions to mobile, enabling partners to provide cashback and Share+Earn rewards to mobile app users.  Wildfire’s APIs & SDKs for Android and iOS integrate with native O/S tools, providing prompted notifications to earn from thousands of online merchants.  Partners enhance their current offerings to users by integrating Wildfire’s Mobile Shopping Alerts within their mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Desktop Browser Extensions

Leverage Wildfire’s Turnkey Extension to Provide a Rewards Platform to Your Users

Wildfire’s white-label browser extension enables partners to provide cashback and Share+Earn rewards to desktop users. Choose from our turnkey offering or our SDKs to provide prompted alerts to users, with one-click activation of cashback and Share+Earn rewards and full access to the Wildfire Commerce Platform to earn from thousands of online merchants.

We turn customers into advocates for 1000's of merchant partners

“At Hotels.com, we know that word-of-mouth is important to our business and we’ve looked for meaningful ways to encourage travelers to spread the word. Wildfire turns our customers into advocates and drives commerce when they’re sharing their favorite places to stay and travel experiences.”


The Team

We started Wildfire in 2017 with the goal of harnessing digital word-of-mouth and helping people earn their fair share of the commerce they drive through their personal recommendations. Our passionate, experienced team has built several successful businesses in the e-commerce, telecom, digital media and big data industries.  Wildfire is backed by leading So Cal venture firms including Mucker, Bonfire, Moonshots and BAM.

Shawn Conahan

Chief Revenue Officer

Tristan Barnum

Head of Marketing

Vincent Pham

Full Stack Engineer

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